Moe Pootoogook

Moe Pootoogook was born at the Iqaluit hospital and has lived in Cape Dorset all his life. Moe has been carving since he was eleven years old and he learned by watching his father, the well-known sculptor Paulassie Pootoogook. “My father taught me to carve and sometimes we work together caking carvings.” Carving several times a week, Moe decides what to carve depending on the stone, but he likes to carve dancing bears or figures in action, such as a man hunting.

His carvings are usually small to medium sized, and Moe feels that his work has improved since he first began, as he is able to manipulate the stone to create different shapes. An avid soccer player, Moe enjoys spending time out on the land as much as he likes living within the community. He has taught some of his friends how to carve and appreciates the opportunities for independence that carving can provide, as he regards it as a job and it is his soul source on income. Moe believes that Inuit art is important: “’s for our culture.”


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