Alasua Sharky

Alasua was born in the hospital in Iqaluit and has lived his whole life in Cape Dorset. He enjoys making drawings and carving, but has only made carvings for sale. Although he has carved different materials such as antler and whalebone, Alasua prefers to carve with local stone because he finds that the stone is “better to work with.” Although his favorite subject matter to carve is human figures, Alasua also likes to carve birds and seals, and decides what he will carve by observing the shape of the stone. Alasua learned to carve at the age of fifteen. “I learned to carve by watching and helping my older brother, Toonoo Sharky.” Alasua admires the work of brother and identified Toonoo as one of his favorite Inuit artists. Alasua tries to carve as often as he can.

Although his works are generally small, Alasua likes to include fine details in his work. He feels that his work has improved since he first started to carve and Alasua hopes that his individual perspective will reflect in his work to make it somewhat different from the carvings of other people.


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