Pauloosie Joanasie

Pauloosie has lived his whole life in Cape Dorset. He began carving when he was twelve years old. He remembered that his first carving was an owl for which he was paid thirty dollars, which encouraged him to continue. Now carving is his main source of income, and Pauloosie carves “almost every week”. He feels that his carving skills continue to improve with time and, like most Cape Dorset sculptors, he prefers to cave the soft green stone indigenous to the area.

Pauloosie’s subject matter of choice is polar bears. Pauloosie has also found that his carvings a have increased in size since he ahs developed a sense of confidence and proficiency with the stone, his power tools, the subject matter and his own skills. A self- taught carver, Pauloosie learned by watching others in his family. Pauloosie’s uncle was the late sculptor Namonai Ashoona. Pauloosie identified Namonai as the artist whose work he admires most, and his uncle’s creative talents were a great inspiration to Pauloosie when he began carving. Pauloosie’s oldest brother Mathew Kellypalik is also a carver.


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